Week of March 27, 2019


The Thrift Shop gave $38,980.40
from June 2017 through May 2018 to the
following organizations:


OSC Scholarship
388th FW Recognition
419th Fighter Wing
75th ABW Annual Awards
Airman and Family Readiness Center / Hill Heroes Program
Christmas Service Project 419th Operation Warm Heart/The Christmas Box
Hill AFB Chapel
Hill Top 3
Airman's Attic / commissary Gift Cards
Team Hill Combat Dining in Planning
Hill Dorm Council
388th OSS/UAC (Unit Advisor Council)
75th Medical Group Booster Club
Air Force Sargents
Air Force Ball Committee
Airmen Against Drunk Driving
Hill Airmen Against Sexual Assault
Logistics Office Association (Wasatch Officers Assoc)
HAFB Maintenance Professionals Org
First Four
Boy Scout Troop 55
HAFB Girll Scouts Troop 2148
Cub Scout Pak 55
USAF Charity Ball
Homeless Veterans Fellowship
National Military Family Association
Veterans of Foreign Wars (Utah Chapter)
Wounded Warrior Project
Veterans Honor Guard
ROTC - Northridge
ROTC - Clearfield
Utah Military Academy
Operation Warmheart
Fisher House
Ronald MacDonald House Charities
Special Olyympics
GiGi's Playhouse (Davis Chamber of Commerce)
Hirshberb Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research
Your Community Connection (YCC)
Davis Arts Council
The Salvation Army
Make A Wish Foundation


Wingman Advocate Program (Fire Victim)
Honor Guard


Honor Guard (Clothing)
Belle of the Ball (Dresses/Shoes)
Airman's Attic (Clothing)
HAFB K9 Unit (Thick Jackets)
Base Chapel (Clothing)
Ogden Rescue Mission (Bedding/Toiletries & Funds)
Deseret Industries (Misc Items)
MS Multiple Sclerosis (Misc Items)
The Genesis Project (Clothing)
Lantern House / St. Anne's Kitchen (Clothing & Books)
Safe Harbor Women's sheler (Toiletries)
Intermountain Founcation McKay-Dee Hospital
Utah Military Academy (Uniform items)
Veterans of Foreign Wars Utah Chapter (Uniform Items)

Veteran's Nursing Home Donation Jar. The Hill Thrift Shop passed on $1300.00
to the George Wahlen Veteran Nursing Home in Ogden,
through generous donations into our donation Jar.

Hill Thrift Shop, Inc.
5873 H Ave
From the South Gate:
Make the 1st left, continue on the road
past the clinic & log cabin,
crossing over 6th Street onto H Avenue, bldg is on the left side of the road.
From the West Gate:
Make a right turn and continue on Wardley St.
Make a right turn on H Avenue. Bldg on right side of the road.

Wednesday & Thursday 10AM-5PM
Friday 10AM-4PM

Wednesday 10AM-4PM
Thursday 10AM-4PM

Wednesday 10AM-4PM
Thursday 10AM-4PM
Friday 1PM-4PM

Phone: (801) 825-1026
Email: hillthriftshop@qwestoffice.net
Week of October 16, 2019


We are taking Halloween and Fall items as well as Holiday Craft Kits

Reminder -  all items brought in for consignment must be in sellable condition.  (CLEAN, NO STAINS, ODORS, BROKEN, TORN, OR EXCESSIVELY WORN CLOTHING ETC.)

  Thrift store volunteers and employees are
unable to assist in lifting or moving heavy items



ContractHILL THRIFT SHOP, INC.                                                Consignment Hours:            Consignment Hours:
PO Box 56129                                                                      Weds-Thurs 10-4
5873 H Ave Bldg. 841                                                           Office Hours:
Hill AFB, UT  84056-5717                                             Wed-Thurs: 10-4 Fri 1-4
Phone ~ 801-825-1026                                     hillthriftshop@qwestoffice.net

DATE: _____________________________                                      ACCOUNT NUMBER: ___________________________________   

PURPOSE:  The Hill Thrift Shop, Inc. is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing an outlet for the sale of privately owned items no longer wanted or needed. All items are consigned or donated by individuals.  Proceeds from the sale of consigned items, minus a fee, go to the consignor.   All other proceeds, less operating expenses, are used for charitable and educational purposes.

1.   ELIGIBILITY: Persons authorized to consign merchandise for sale in the Thrift Shop MUST BE adults over 18 in possession of a valid DOD issued ID Card. Persons with base passes only are not eligible, i.e. contract employees.  Each eligible family is limited to ONE ACCOUNT PER SPONSOR/ADDRESS. Periodic checks of ID card expiration dates will be made.
2.   WITHHOLDING: Items are consigned by the individual who establishes the selling price.  Volunteers MAY NOT suggest a price. The Thrift Shop withholds 20% of the selling price for each item.
3.   DONATION REPORTS AND SLIPS: Annual and Monthly reports of donated items are available upon request at the office for a fee of $.20 per printed sheet. Donation verification slips may be picked up during operating hours.
4.  LIABILITY: THE THRIFT SHOP IS NOT LIABLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO CONSIGNED ITEMS. The consignor agrees to hold harmless the Thrift Shop, its employees or volunteers for articles lost, stolen, damaged by fire, water, accidental damage, or otherwise harmed. Thrift Shop Volunteers and/or employees will not move consigned items in or out of the building. It is the sole responsibility of the consignor to bring in all large and/or small consigned items(s) into the building.
5.  PRIVATE TRANSACTIONS: Private transactions between employees, volunteers and/or customers are NOT allowed inside the Thrift Shop or the Thrift Shop parking lot. Loss of Thrift Shop privileges will result.
6.  UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: THE THRIFT SHOP RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ITEMS NOT SUITABLE FOR SALE. ALL ITEMS MUST BE IN NEW OR GENTLY USED CONDITION, CLEAN, AND IN WORKING ORDER. THE CONSIGNOR WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED OF UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS, REGARDLESS OF PRICE. Decisions to dispose of unacceptable items will be made at the discretion of management and Thrift Shop volunteers. Items not acceptable include, but are not limited to: items with stains, marks of any kind, holes, odors, and excessive wear; below the waist used undergarments, etc.; adult-themed material (unless sold at the BX), smoke alarms; carbon monoxide monitors; propane tanks; free items; waterbed frames and mattresses; bowling balls; guns and ammunitions; explosives; spray paints; volatile fluids, flammable items, tires; safety recalled items, drop side cribs, used cosmetics and toiletries; religious papers or pamphlets; monthly magazines over one year old; weekly magazines over one month old; any food or drink items; large exercise equipment; children's car seats; all items with employee or event logos; items NOT SOLD by the merchant who's logo is being advertised; unreasonably priced items; unsafe items; obscene items; stuffed animals; satellite dishes and  accessories, computers; laptops; tube and rear projected TV's, CRT monitors, printers, cassettes, VHS tapes, or any other item deemed unacceptable. Electrical and mechanical items MUST BE in working order AND have all cords/power sources necessary to run the unit. All Movies, music, and software MUST BE THE ORIGINAL AND IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING. NO COPIES WILL BE ALLOWED.  PLEASE CHECK ALL ITEMS CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING A CONSIGNMENT.
7.  BANS: When racks and shelves are too full, a temporary ban will be placed on particular items, at the Thrift Shop's discretion WITHOUT NOTICE.
08.  CLOSURE: The Thrift Shop reserves the right to close the consignment desk or the store without notice to consignors or shoppers due to overstock, weather, a lack of volunteers, or other reasons worthy of closure at the manager's discretion. The Thrift Shop is closed two (2)  weeks in summer, the week of Thanksgiving, and two (2) weeks for Christmas and New Year. Consignment dates are adjusted to compensate for scheduled closures.
9. TERMINATION: The Thrift Shop may terminate consignor privileges if a consignor disobeys contract policies, defames the Thrift Shop by speech or action, acts discourteously to the volunteers, or for any other reason as determined by the manager.


1.  FULL/HALF/THRIFT: The top of each consignment sheet will reflect three (3) dates: first (1st) date is the Wednesday the consignment is brought into the Thrift Shop, (ITEMS HAVE FOUR (4) WEEKS TO SELL AT FULL PRICE),  second (2nd) date is when items will be reduced 50% of the original price (ITEMS HAVE TWO (2) WEEKS TO SELL FOR HALF PRICE), third (3rd) date is when items become Thrift Shop property if not removed by the consignor. Prices of consigned items can be adjusted at manager's discretion.
2.  LARGE/FLOOR ITEMS: Large and/or floor items such as furniture, major appliances, bicycles, rugs, baby furniture, large toys, standing lamps etc. can only be accepted on a space available basis. Consignor must request to be placed on the 'Floor Space Waiting List' for their floor item(s).

3.  CONSIGNING: Call ahead, review the website, or read signs in the consignment room for items that are temporarily and/or permanently banned. UP TO THIRTY (30) ITEMS may be brought in ONE TIME PER WEEK ONLY. CONSIGNMENT SHEETS MUST BE FILLED OUT IN INK OR TYPED PRIOR to taking items into the consignment area. Items must be priced for no less than $1.00 in increments of $.25 (i.e. $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, etc.). Some items are not worth the $1.00 minimum, and may be donated. Consignor will list EACH ITEM separately on a consignment sheet giving identifiable description, size when needed, and price. SMALL LIKE ITEMS BEING SOLD TOGETHER WILL BE PLACED IN A CLEAR PLASTIC BAG BY THE CONSIGNOR.  Magazines, books, and puzzles sold in a bundle will be tied securely, not taped. NO MORE THAN FIVE (5) OF THE SAME TYPE OF ITEMS, including INDIVIDUAL ITEMS IN A BUNDLE will be allowed. Clothing is anything worn or carried on a person except jewelry, purses, wallets, scarves belts, hats, socks, shoes etc. FINE JEWELRY OVER $25, WATCHES AND COINS COUNT TOWARD THE FIVE (5) ITEM LIMIT. ALL CONSIGNMENTS MUST BE PROCESSED BY A VOLUNTEER AT THE CONSIGNMENT DESK. DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS before a volunteer checks your account number, inspects the items, reviews the consignment sheet(s), and assigns the consignment a bin number. Items left without processing WILL BE CONSIDERED A DONATION.
4.  FYI: Copies of the consignment sheet(s) should be retained as a record of the markdown dates and for tax purposes. Reports may be requested at the office for the previous month's sales, and are complimentary with check pick up. Items may be taken out as a "Removed By Owner (RBO)" or can be re-consigned (ONLY: Large furniture priced over $25 and ONLY during the full price consignment period) once for a new consignment period.  RE-CONSIGNMENTS AND RBO'S MUST BE COMPLETED SIXTY (60) MINUTES PRIOR TO THE SHOP'S THURSDAY CLOSING TIME. There is a 10% fee (of the original price) per item re-consigned, and the item must be marked down 25% or more off the original price. Items withdrawn may be resubmitted after a thirty (30) day waiting period, with the 25% markdown. RBO FEES ON SMALL ITEMS ARE $.50 PER RBO UNDER $19.75  AND $2 PER SMALL ITEM PRICED $20 AND OVER.   ALL LARGE FLOOR ITEMS WILL BE ASSESSED A 20% FEE OF THE ORIGINAL PRICE PER RBO ITEM.  It is SOLELY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONSIGNOR to take timely action if they do not want an item to be sold at half price or to become Thrift Shop property. Please verify dates independently. ITEMS MUST BE PURCHASED AT THE THRIFT PRICE IF CONSIGNOR WISHES TO RECLAIM THEM AFTER THEY'VE GONE THRIFT. THRIFT SHOP VOLUNTEERS WILL NOT LOOK FOR ANY ITEMS.
5.  SEASONAL: HOLIDAY items will be accepted when announced. For dates when other seasonal items are accepted, notices will be posted in the consignment room and the website. Items consigned out of season will be considered a donation. Holiday items will become Thrift Shop property the first operating business day after the holiday (REGARDLESS OF TIME REMAINING ON THE ITEMS). Consignors wishing to remove seasonal items must do so Thursday prior to the holiday or scheduled Thrift Shop closure.
6.  MILITARY: All Name Tags and personal decorations must be removed by the consignor. If the items consigned were originally issued by the government, the undersigned certifies that the title to the property has legally passed to the undersigned under the provision of AFM 35/10, due to separation from the active duty roles of the Armed Forces.
7.  PAYMENTS:  Consignors will be paid by check and will be available for pick-up the first Wednesday of each month during office hours.  Checks not picked up, will be mailed and post-marked by the tenth (10th) of the month for the previous month's sales. A check handling fee of $2.00 will be deducted from each check. Checks will not be written for less than $10.00 net. No account information will be given over the phone except whether a check has or has not been issued. Restitution for returned items, reclaiming of bad checks fees, or other monies due to the Thrift Shop may be withheld from the check without notification. A cost of $.55 will be charged for a consignor check returned by the post office due to the negligence by the consignor to update information.
8. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND PCS ORDERS WILL BE HANDLED AT THROUGH THE OFFICE ONLY, never at the consignment desk. Persons with PCS orders or those retiring out of the area may consign up to sixty (60) items, ten (10) like items, per week within sixty (60) days of coming or going. Persons with other relocation orders will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

*Contract effective July 2019. All terms of this contract are superseded by any and all subsequent contract revision.

Print Name in Full                                                      Mailing Address                                       

Signature            City, State, Zip

DOD Issued ID CARD Expiration Date            Telephone
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Week of October16, 2019

SUMMER - Currently through August 21st

FATHERS DAY - Currently Through June 6th

CLOSURE - June 22nd through July 9th

FALL - September 4th through November 21st

HALLOWEEN - September 18th through October 24th

THANKSGIVING - October 16th through November 14th

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